Stacey Schafer


Pledge to Clients: Stacey is thorough and detail oriented and prioritizes the clients best interests both financially and emotionally. Stacey has lived in Austin for over 20 years and knows the city and surrounding areas well.

Professional Experience: Stacey has 25 years of experience in Marketing and Product Management in the high tech industry. In Austin she has worked at Dell, AMD, Tyco and Cirrus Logic. She is very good at financial analysis and uses that expertise to ensure you are getting top dollar for your listing or paying the right price for your purchase. In the last 18 months Stacey has executed over 30 transactions with a focus in the investment community.

Education: Stacey has a BS Degree from Purdue University in Management and an MBA from the University of Colorado in Management and Business.

Personal Information: Stacey has lived in the Austin area for over 20 years.

Position: Realtor
Cell: 512-740-9071